The Condo

Toronto is a beautiful city.


It has so many cultures, with so many kinds of food.

Of course that is where I would go.  Food.

And I am loving condo life.

It’s low maintenance.  There’s no shovelling in winter, no gardening or weeding in summer. That means more time in the kitchen.

It’s easy to get around.  The TTC (Toronto’s transit system) is one of the best in the world.  I can catch a subway, bus or streetcar, and get to just about anywhere with very little stress.

Biagio on King Street East, Toronto

Biagio on King Street East, Toronto

And check out our view shortly after sunrise.  Another lake front.

You could say that we have a thing for water.

And back to the food.  We have it all.   Falafel, gyros, shwarmas, sushi, Chinese (with one of the largest China Towns in the world),  Greek (Greek Town on Danforth is amazing), and the list goes on.  And on.  And on.

And the shopping.  The Cheese Boutique, St. Lawrence Market…

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto


St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

I have had the good fortune to visit many cities, particularly in North America, and they all have something that I remember fondly about their food.

But Toronto?  Fabulous.



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