Lake House Critters

Since One Cook, Two Kitchens is a food blog first, I have been focusing most of my attention on the food and making sure that you are getting lots of great recipes and recommendations for the best cookbooks on the market.

However, since this is also about our two homes, I thought you might like to meet some of the critters hanging around the lake house.

During the winter, while most of our human friends are back at their homes, we’re still hanging out at the lake house.  That’s when we seem to have more non-human visitors.

We’ve had many deer come to visit.  The hunters had a large haul in November, so while we’re usually accustomed to seeing several bucks with full racks (antlers), for the first time, we actually didn’t see one adult male all winter.

Instead we saw many fawns hanging around in herds.

This is one who came by to say hello in February.  I took this shot from our living room.







Now, with the warmer weather upon us, we have an otter who has decided to return.  He was quite cute when he weighed no more than our seven pound kitten last fall.

That is, he was cute until we realized that he was destroying our dock by munching through the material below that keeps it afloat.

Here, you see him napping on the dock that he now calls home.







And now, he’s aware that I am photographing him.







Other critters that I haven’t yet photographed are the fox that comes around each day, the Canadian geese who have returned, the bears who are just coming out of hibernation, and the snakes who are just starting to show up, as the weather warms up.

Unfortunately, I do have an aversion to snakes, so I just haven’t been able to bring myself to stop and photograph one.

But I do believe the snakes are keeping the mouse population under control outside of the lake house.

As you can imagine, in such a rural environment, everyone has their share of mice getting indoors, especially in older homes and cottages.

But we have our own mouse control.

Meet Peanut.


Always ready to hunt.





And play.









And Adele.

This shot doesn’t make her look like the tough hunter that she is.  It’s just a cute shot.  I am like a parent who likes to take pictures of their kids when they’re sleeping, except I take pictures of my sleeping kittens.







Adele, looking cranky and tough.





Needless to say, we haven’t found a mouse yet.







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