Favourite cold remedies and hot buttered rum

February 27, 2013

Hot Buttered Rum

My apologies for my silence over the past week.  I have been sick in bed with what started as a cold, and then quickly escalated to an ear infection and bronchitis.

As I told a friend last week, I don’t do ‘normal’ colds.  Most of the time, a simple cold will escalate to a bronchitis within days.

So, I am that crazy germaphobe who won’t get within ten feet of you if you have so much as a sniffle or cough, and if you cross into my personal space in any way, I’m chasing your visit down with hand sanitizer and disposable disinfectant wipes.

In spite of my best efforts, however, sick still happens.

This particular bug started as a sore throat, so I asked my friends on Facebook for their recommended home remedies.  It was interesting to hear responses.  (And I must say, I have wonderful friends – I received a lot of great advice):

  • Gargle with salty water (four friends suggested this – as much salt as tolerable)
  • Honey, lemon and hot water (this tasted lovely – my Mom used to use this one when I was a kid)
  • Chicken soup and lots of sleep (no one to make it for me until the antibiotics kicked in and I could make it myself, then I made traditional chicken soup from previous made stock) and coconut chicken soup.
  • Honey and cinnamon (mix equal parts well – this wasn’t bad, and it does help)
  • Vodka and coke (From my 25 year old cousin who doesn’t feel hangovers yet.)
  • Gargle with vodka (I”m pretty sure this was a joke.  I hope it was a joke.)
  • Oil of Oregano (2 healthy cousins suggested this – No health store nearby to try this – getting some for the next time)

I tried all of these remedies except for those containing vodka, and the Oil of Oregano, which I simply could not get, given where we live.  But that is on my shopping list on my next jaunt to the city.

My husband’s family remedy is a Hot Buttered Rum.  Honestly, I think it’s only purpose is to knock you out so that you don’t care about the cold anymore.  I find that if you get it early enough in the process, it can be quite effective, but if you wait too long, it can just add a hangover to the list of pain.  This is not a sweet drink, like cider or even mulled wine.  This one packs a punch.

And like the chicken noodle soup and chicken coconut soup recipes, it’s also good when you’re healthy.

In these final days of winter, whether you just want to get warm, or if you’re under the weather and need something kill that sore throat on the spot, here’s the recipe for my husband’s Hot Buttered Rum.

Stay warm.  Be healthy.

Hot Buttered Rum

Yield: 1 serving

If you feel the tingle of a sore throat coming, catch it early enough and this can nix it and settle you in for a good night's sleep.

This also makes a nice hot drink after skiing, snowmobiling, or simply sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter night.


  • 3 oz water
  • 1- 1 1/2 oz rum
  • 2 TB melted butter
  • 1/4 lemon wedge (plus a slice for garnish)
  • 1 cinnamon stick (optional)


  1. Heat the water and rum together in a mug. 120 seconds in the microwave gets it hot.
  2. Add butter.
  3. Squeeze in juice from the 1/4 lemon wedge
  4. Garnish with lemon slice and cinnamon stick (optional)


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Linda February 27, 2013 at 1:40 pm

Glad you hear you’re feeling better Lis! Dumb question (because I’ve never had hot buttered rum) does this taste butter scotch like?


One Cook, Two Kitchens February 28, 2013 at 4:03 pm

You have never asked a dumb question, Linda. Ever. In fact your questions are always great! No, it’s not really butterscotch-like, but I can see why you’d think it might. It’s not sweet enough. But it is buttery. And this definitely has a rummy taste to it.


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